Hello! I’m Simi Misché Look, Small Business Owner & Artist of Simi Misché Art. Established in 2020, sharing my art with you and seeing my art in their forever homes across the USA fills my heart & soul. 

Picture yourself in the golden sunlight, white foam waves evaporating off the sand, sparkles on the ocean, lush tropical flowers swaying in the breeze. My wish is to bring the magic of the ocean inside your home.

I draw inspiration from my favorite shores starting with my hometown Naples Florida, The Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Northwest, Caribbean Islands, Florida Keys, and now locally in Cape Cod.

Self taught during the pandemic, I started pouring resin and epoxy, blow torching white foamy waves, and creating aerial ocean scapes onto home goods including furniture, coffee table trays, coasters, charcuterie boards, jewelry dishes & much more. Each creation is unique as resin, like the ocean, is fluid and has a mind of its own. 

With love,
Simi Misché Look